Who doesn’t love cookies, right?

I mean, sure, to some extent or another, we all try to avoid them – but only because we love them so much that if we eat one we’ll be tempted to eat a hundred. And we all know eating 100 cookies isn’t good for us.


I’ll say it though, after greatly reducing my sugar intake, I miss cookies. Why do all cookies have to have so much dang sugar in them? Especially the vegan ones? I couldn’t accept it – thus began my experimentation with gluten free, sugar free, vegan chocolate chip cookies that are as soft, sweet, and tender as any other.

*DISCLAIMER: Okay, yes, they’re not completely sugar because they have a banana in them, but the rest of sweetening job is done by stevia. These cookie have only roughly 3 grams of sugar per cookie. 3 GRAMS. That’s bananas! Find another cookie recipe out there that’s as delicious and healthy as these one that contains fewer sugar and I’ll be amazed.


Plus, not only are these babies gluten free, they’re made out of two of the healthiest flours out there: sorghum flour & arrowroot powder. Sorghum is one of the only grains that doesn’t contain a hull, such as brown rice or whole wheat do, which is good because the hull of grains contain sickening proteins called lectins. Among other horrifying things, lectins penetrate the gut wall, latch onto cells in our body, and prevent us from receiving nutrients we need to thrive. Arrowroot powder, which is made from the root of the arrowroot plant, is also free from harmful lectins. Arrowroot is important in baking, as it helps stabilize and thicken the batter, such as cornstarch or potato starch would.

To top it off, pulverized almonds (almond meal) is added to the cookies to add some grit and balance the texture of the cookies. And everyone – the Paleos, the Vegans, the Gluten-Frees, the Omnivores – agrees that almonds are indeed, super healthy.

All in all, these chocolate chip cookie are free of harmful lectins, free of gluten (for those with celiac), predominately sugar free (good for everyone), vegan, and let us not forget, THEY’RE DELICIOUS. So delicious, that you’ll be reaching for your second one just as you finish the first one.



If you dig these cookies as much as we do, leave behind a nice rating, share your thoughts with us in the comments, or show us creations of your own by tagging @noeggsorham on Instagram.

All the best,
Ryan & Kim

Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan & Gluten Free)

  • Servings: 10 cookies
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Sweet, tender, and cakey chocolate chip cookies that require only bowl!


  • 1 medium sized ripe banana
  • 1/2 c sorghum flour
  • 1/4 c almonds, pulverized (1/3 c almond meal)
  • 2 tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 flax egg (1 tbsp flax meal + 3 tbsp water)
  • 1/4 c melted virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp liquid stevia*
  • 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 c stevia sweetened chocolate chips (Lily’s brand chocolate chips)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F and line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Prepare flax egg in a large mixing bowl. To that, add the banana and mash until mostly smooth.
  3. Whisk in coconut oil, stevia, apple cider vinegar, and vanilla until creamy.
  4. Using a wooden spoon, stir in sorghum flour, almond meal, arrowroot powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt until well incorporated. Add and fold in chocolate chips.
  5. Dig out two tablespoons of dough for each cookie and place onto prepped cookie sheet. Lightly smooth out/flatten each cookie.
  6. Place in oven and bake for 16 minutes, or until the edges begin to brown and the center starts to firm up. Remove and cool on cookie sheet until room temperature or enjoy while warm.
  7. Keep in a sealed plastic bag, air tight container, or plate covered with plastic wrap at room temperature for two days – if they even last that long.

*While I’ve not experimented with stevia powder, I hear that if you’re using pure stevia powder – differing from those which contain fillers such as dextrose – the measurements should be exactly the same. In which case, substitute the liquid stevia for 1/2 tsp pure stevia powder. However, I haven’t personally tried this and can’t tell you if the result will be the same.


3 thoughts on “ Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan & Gluten-Free) ”

  1. I love chocolate chip cookies, and thought I’d never be able to eat them again! Your recipe makes it possible again even with my recent dietary restrictions! Can’t wait to try them. THANK YOU!


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