I can’t think of one food as universally loved as crispy, handheld, chips. Seemingly every culture has their own variation of a chip: crisps in the UK, pane carasau (cracker thin flatbread) in Italy, tortilla chips in Mexico/Central America, poori (fried Indian flatbread), potato chips in the US, roasted nori in Japan, prawn crackers (chips made from ground shrimp) in Southeast Asia… I think you get the point.

Unfortunately, if you’ve cut out lectins and most simple carbohydrates from your diet, such as I have, you’ve had to give up on most of the aforementioned goodies. But instead of trying to replicate what’s already been done, why not create something entirely different?

Heck, why not make chips out of spring roll wrappers?


The variety we buy – crafted in Vietnam – are made from tapioca starch, a derivative of the yucca root. Other varieties seen in supermarkets tend to be made out of white rice flour, which is acceptable (for my diet, at least) in moderation, as it contains no lectins and Asian rices contain high levels of resistant starches and lower levels of simple carbs. All I’m trying to say is this: buy wrappers made from tapioca starch if you completely avoid all grains, but don’t sweat it if you can only find the rice variations.




These chips are extremely complicated to make, you have to:

  1. Cut them.
  2. Put them in a pan with oil.
  3. Remove.

Wait a second… that ain’t hard!

No sir, they’re easy to make, crispy, and perfect when paired with dips such as vegan queso! Plus, they’re paleo, vegan, and low in calories.


If you like what your taste buds are tellin’ ya, leave behind a nice rating, share your thoughts with us in the comments, or show us your creations by tagging @noeggsorham on Instagram.

All the best,
Ryan & Kim




Crispy Spring Roll Chips

  • Servings: 20 chips
  • Difficulty: Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Print

Paper thin, crispy chips made from spring roll wrappers.


  • 5 spring roll sheets, cut into quarters
  • Olive, avocado, or unrefined sesame oil


  1. To a medium sized nonstick pan over medium heat, add enough oil to cover the bottom by a centimeter; about 3 tablespoons for our pan.
  2. Once hot – 2 to 3 minutes – place a sheet into the oil, and allow edges of sheet to shrivel and crisp, about 5 seconds.
  3. Remove, letting any excess oil drip off into the pan, and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to wick away any remaining oil.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all remaining chips. Serve immediately or within an hour of preparing.

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