I hope your Sunday afternoon is going well. What did you start today off with? Two glasses of mimosas? A giant stack of pancakes? Or maybe even a book club gathering, followed by a plate full of cookies and cupcakes? I’m a simple gal – I just want my daily morning coffee and I’m set for the day!

There’s some ingredients Ryan and I have been obsessing over recently. And we’re huge fans of trying new things, so for us to buy a product more than once or twice is a big deal in our house.

I’ve comprised a small list of products that we’ve been using often these past couple of weeks, and they’re definitely something you’ll start noticing in recipes to come!

Let’s get started!

I have to admit something… Okay, here goes… I’m not a big fan of chocolate. [cue gasps from audience members] BUT Ryan is – see, this is where the compromising comes in – therefore, we have a lot of chocolate desserts on the blog, and of course, more to come!

If there’s one brand of chocolate that we really enjoy using and eating, it’s gotta be Guittard. Allergen notice: not all of their products are vegan and they’re made in the same facility as their products with dairy. All the way from San Francisco, we have Guittard’s Bittersweet Chocolate Bar, which is our personal favorite when it comes to baking. It’s sweet, it’s slightly bitter, and once it’s melted, it’s consistency is as smooth as velvet and can be incorporated into just about anything.

All of Guittard’s chocolates are Non GMO, peanut-free, and gluten-free. Along with that, you’ll be supporting a company that puts us one step closer to a fair-trade world. Ryan and I usually purchase Guittard from Whole Foods, which carries both chocolate bars and chocolate chips. Time to whip up some chocolate chip cookies!

Making tortillas can be a pain in the butt, especially if you’re slow at it, like I am. And finding tortillas that are Plant Paradox friendly can be far too difficult. Unless you live in Los Angeles and nearby a highly-populated Whole Foods. On the off chance that you are, it’s time to drag yourself into that Whole Foods and buy a package of The Real Coconut’s Coconut Flour Tortilla – it’s only costs less than five dollars for 12 tortillas. That’s a lot of tacos.

On top of being Plant Paradox friendly, it’s also Paleo-friendly, Kosher, Non GMO, organic, and gluten-free – nailing practically every diet! These coconut flour tortillas were created by Daniella Hunter in her restaurant located in Tulum, Mexico and she even posted a video on how she makes the tortillas, so you know there’s nothing sketchy behind how her products are made. Phew! On No Eggs or Ham, we’ve used The Real Coconut’s tortillas in a recent recipe by cutting up the tortillas and frying them to create chips for our nachos.

The tortillas are mild in flavor, so no, it doesn’t actually taste like coconut. They’re fairly pliable and can hold liquids well. That’s all you need from a tortilla, am I right?


Finally, a mayonnaise that doesn’t contain eggs or oils not compliant within the Plant Paradox diet. Thanks Sir Kensington’s for creating an aquafaba-based avocado oil mayo! It’s created using the liquid from cans of chickpeas, avocado oil, some vinegar, salt, lime, white pepper, and kombu seaweed. I don’t know about you but I love reading short ingredient lists. Their mayonnaise consists of a well-balance of tang, saltiness, and sweetness, and can be easily spread onto anything without getting clumpy or watery.

Here at the No Eggs or Ham headquarters, we tend to make our own condiments, and especially since before we found out about Sir Kensington’s, we’ve been making our own mayonnaise using avocado oil. And I get it, making condiments can be hella work, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes. But alas! There’s finally a good mayo on the market! All of their products are non GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and Kosher!

How ironic is a “vegan egg?” The answer is, pretty damn ironic. Yeah, Ryan and I have been obsessing over Vegan Egg by Follow Your Heart. It comes in a cute little egg carton, but once you bring it home, you’d be surprised that there’s actually just a pouch with a powder mixture inside it! Instructions for how to make a vegan egg is easier than you’d think – all you have to do is mix the powder with water and whisk vigorously. It tastes like real eggs (mainly thanks to an ingredient called black salt), cooks like eggs, and can be used in replacement of actual eggs in baking. Mmm I can already smell the omelets and fluffy cakes I’m going to whip up!

Follow Your Heart started in the 1970’s by Bob and Paul, who launched their business by selling their products in local grocery stores and cafes. Their product, Vegenaise, is the first ever egg-free mayonnaise on the market! Ever since, Follow Your Heart has been focused on creating products to replace the use of dairy, such as different types of cheeses, salad dressings, and now, the vegan egg.

It’s gluten-free, non GMO, and it carries 3 grams of protein per serving, compared to a regular egg, which has 6 grams per serving. It seriously is a life-saver when it comes to replacing eggs in recipes and perfect for daily morning scrambles!

Alright, Kim signing off.
See ya next week!

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