No Eggs or Ham is a site dedicated to revamping childhood favorites with a modern, vegan flare. All recipes are 100% plant-based, gluten-free (unless noted otherwise), and satisfying to all ages.

Kimberly Tran, the engineer, and Ryan Tempfer, the writer and culinary extraordinaire, created No Eggs or Ham early 2017, to fulfill cravings for childhood favorite dishes thought to be lost with the transition to a plant-based life.


“The Basics” is a series of how-tos purposed to show you how to create useful, everyday kitchen staples, such as barbecue sauce, nut butter, and plant milks. Many recipes will call for the use of one of these foods, as they are always best (and cheapest) when produced in your own home.


Ryan is the thought tank of No Eggs or Ham; he idea-makes, recipe-tests, and blog-writes. When he’s not holding a whisk in one hand and a spatula in the other, he’s probably outside doing sun salutations on his yoga mat, doing push-ups at the oddest times, or hitting the drums in his band Gold Souls, alongside his brother Andre.


Kim is the architect responsible for crafting this site from the bottom up, as well as taking most of the pretty photos (the less stunning photos were probably taken by Ryan). Aside from taking breathtaking pictures and designing websites, Kim can be found obsessing over animal-related Instagram pages, discussing her desire to own a bearded dragon, and ordering soy lattes at your local coffee shop.


Before the idea of starting up a website ever emerged, Kim and Ryan were globe-trotting for half a year, going from places like Japan to Guatemala within 24 hours. Instead of pursuing a career or college, as most people their age do (which is 21 & 19, respectively), they opted for a backpack, a handful of belongings, and an opportunity to learn about the world in the most intimate way possible.

Six months of traveling left them inspired; they were ready to create something fulfilling and ongoing for strangers and friends alike. Thus came the drive to create No Eggs or Ham – the birth child of a home-chef gone vegan and a girl with an itching curiosity of the digital-landscape.

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Here’s a look into our travels of 2016!


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