Hello friends! We are Kim and Ryan – welcome to No Eggs or Ham. We’re two food enthusiasts who created this website in early 2017 to share our love of cooking with others. Since then, our recipes have evolved from being vegan & gluten-free to being vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and lectin-limited.

We relish particularly in Asian cuisine, American comfort foods, and sweet pastries from cupcakes to brownies. Thus, you’ll see a lot of recipes that fall under one of those umbrellas.

While we don’t eat entirely lectin-free – a.k.a. according to the Plant Paradox Program – we like to limit our lectin intake in order to keep inflammation, brain fog, and food borne diseases at a minimum while keeping our good gut bacteria plentiful and healthy. For these reasons, we cook predominately lectin-free while at home and eat whatever sounds appetizing – as long as it’s plant-based – while out and about.

If you decide to follow along with our journey, you can expect new posts twice a week featuring from-scratch recipes and mouth-watering worthy photography, along with little doses of food science, culinary techniques, and bad jokes. And if you subscribe to our email list, you’ll receive bonus recipes every month as well as updates whenever we share a new post!

Is there a dish that you’ve been longing for ever since changing your dietary ways? Well, we can help out with that too! Recommend us your favorite meal here – no matter how much meat, cheese, sugar, or lectins it contains – and we will recreate it in a way that suits your modern standards.

Ryan is the head chef of No Eggs or Ham – he researches ideas, tests recipes, and is the author behind the posts. Connect with Ryan on Instagram @ryantempfer!

Kim is the architect and sous chef of No Eggs or Ham – she helps research ideas, engineers the website, and photographs & edits the content. Connect with Kim on Instagram @kimberlyhtran!