Crispy Mushroom Bacon

3 ingredients. 30 minutes. No oink. Let’s get it. These baked shiitake mushroom slices are reminiscent of the thin, crispy, bacon my Dad made as a kid. Each slice is subtly chewy, golden brown, and laden with salty juices. Use mushroom bacon like you would nutritional yeast – on top of everything. Perfect on top […]

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Chai Toasted Oats (Gluten-Free & Stomach Friendly)

Oats. They’re the centerpiece of many a vegan food blog. To be honest, I haven’t caught the wave of hype yet. Two hours after engulfing a bowl of oats leaves me feeling like a blob of setting cement, AND they don’t deliver much in the department of texture or flavor (yeah, maple/brown sugar is cool, but […]

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