Sweet Strawberry Green Tea Spritzer (Plant Paradox-friendly)

Technically, Spring starts in March. But according to the calendar in my head that makes its own rules, Spring starts in April. So yay, happy Spring! To celebrate, we’re here with a green tea strawberry spritzer. It’s refreshing, it’s cold, it’s bright – it’s spring as fuck. Kim’s been wanting to make a fruity drink […]

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Sugar-Free French Vanilla Creamer (vegan & Plant Paradox friendly)

I admit, I’ve started to miss coffee creamers since cutting out sugar. It’s not the sweetness  or the flavors that I miss. Rather, it’s the simplicity of adding one thing to your coffee before it’s good to go. For the past couple of months, my habit’s been to heat up coconut milk on the stove […]

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Classic Hot Chocolate (stevia sweetened, vegan, & lectin-free)

This is a simple recipe with only 6 ingredients and 3 photos, so I’ll try to keep it short on my end as well. This formula has been our go-to hot chocolate recipe for the past 6 months, because it takes no more than 10 minutes to put together, it’s sugar-free, creamy, silky, chocolate-y, and […]

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Sweet Potato Spice Latté (sugar-free, Plant Paradox friendly, & vegan)

In the last post I said that along with the changing of seasons comes my incessant desire to eat sweet potatoes 24/7 – did you think I was kidding? With pumpkin spice lattés, popcorn, cookies, hand soap (yes, hand soap), and other souvenirs, it’s hard not to want in on the craze, no matter how […]

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