BBQ Sloppy Joe’s (V + GF)

BBQ Sloppy Joe’s was the first dish I ever publicly shared a recipe for. This is a rendition of that recipe updated to fit the times: simpler, quicker, cheaper, tastier, not to mention perfect for family dinner or meal prep (lots of leftovers). I first fell in love with vegan sloppy joe’s after sinking my teeth […]

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BBQ Eggplant Wraps w/ Brussel Sprout Slaw

“Recipe raps, straight bringin’ facts to the food game full of traps. If you ready to make an impact, go ahead and roll up… one of these wraps.” OOOOOOOOOOH *the club goes wild* No funkin’ around, these wraps are seriously satisfying – packed with undercover veggies. Eggplant takes on a savory, meaty essence. Brussel sprout […]

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