No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Classic Buttery Vegan Pound Cake with a Simple Lemon Glaze

Vegan pound cake. The idea is simple, but the concept’s more difficult than it appears to be at a surface level. This isn’t chocolate cake with strong flavors to cover up missing elements or brownies that can have applesauce in place of eggs, this is a pound of sugar, a […]

4-Step Charred Sesame Garlic Broccoli

I know what you’re thinking, “A post dedicated entirely to broccoli? Now that’s just lazy.” … You’re right. It is lazy. There’s little work involved, little prep involved, little time involved, and little ingredients involved… but it’s fucking delicious. Yeah, this dish may not be groundbreaking, it may not be the […]

Sweet & Buttery Vegan Cinnamon Breadsticks (Domino’s Cinna Stix Copycat)

  From one copycat recipe to another—we’re fulfilling our long lost childhood favorites one post at a time. A few days ago we released a recipe for Delivery Style Vegan Pizza, which mimics the soft, airy, and flavored-crust pizza of Hungry Howie’s. This week we’re tackling pizza’s sweet counterpart: cinnamon […]

Hot & Crispy Lemon Pepper Popcorn Cauliflower w/ Creamy Agave Mustard

Do you guys watch the show Atlanta? You know, the one made by Donald Glover? In the second or third episode of the first season, a couple of the main characters go to a wing spot in Atlanta, Georgia and order lemon pepper wings, but because the staff at the restaurant […]

Crispy Coconut Panko Tofu Fries with Sweet Sriracha Lime Sauce (vegan)

I’ve been thinking a lot about tofu recently, mainly about how bad of a rep it receives. That’s largely responsible for the way most restaurants treat tofu: cut it into big chunks and throw it into a soup completely raw. If somebody threw raw chicken into a soup, you’d probably […]

Savory Garlic-Cheese Pastry Rolls (vegan)

Back in October, we made these little, deep-fried puff pastry bites that were flaky, buttery, indulgent, and ugh, just all around delectable. But ever since then, we’ve had this extra sheet of puff pastry dough in our freezer with little idea of what to do with it, so when it […]

Apple Bourbon Breakfast Bread (vegan & gluten-free)

Two of our biggest hits last year were our Cornless Bread and Cornless Cake, both of which mimic the pleasantly gritty texture of cornbread without any of the corn. The secret is sorghum flour, a whole grain flour that has a similar texture to fine cornmeal, making it a unique […]

Spooky Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is one of those simple nostalgic treats often left in memories of big tin cans at Christmas time, but this sweet and salty snack is actually an easy treat that takes about 7 minutes to make – plus a little rest time. Its flavor is like a mix […]

Crispy Goth Tortilla Chips w/ Grilled Corn Chili Guac (vegan & gf)

Happy Sunday! Sorry to interrupt your regular weekly program, but today, we’re getting our spooky party favors on! What’s vibrant green, best with a side of chips, and is typically gone within 5 minutes? Guacamole! This isn’t just the typical guacamole recipe though – anyone can mash up avocados, toss in […]