Plant Based Milks

Ready your glasses folks, this post is loaded with heart healthy information. If we’re being honest, soy and almond milk seem to get all of the attention, but other milks such as cashew, walnut, coconut, and more may deserve a spot in your kitchen as well. After settling in to a vegan diet, I started […]

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What the who is that? Aquafaba is the brine/liquid from a can of chickpeas and it possesses the same properties as egg whites. It can be whipped up into peaks or it can be added in to a batter or dough in its liquid state for its excellent binding qualities. Many vegan/gluten-free delights such as […]

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BBQ Eggplant Wraps w/ Brussel Sprout Slaw

“Recipe raps, straight bringin’ facts to the food game full of traps. If you ready to make an impact, go ahead and roll up… one of these wraps.” OOOOOOOOOOH *the club goes wild* No funkin’ around, these wraps are seriously satisfying – packed with undercover veggies. Eggplant takes on a savory, meaty essence. Brussel sprout […]

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