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Loaded Chili Cheese Fries (vegan & lectin-free)

Here at No Eggs or Ham, we love dishes with light flavors that subtly compliment one another to form an elegant, well put together dish (our spicy tamarind pasta is a good example). But, we also love super ultra mega […]

Tempeh Bacon

  Being the first type of “vegan bacon” I ever tried, tempeh bacon holds a place in my heart- a place that’s more satisfied by tempeh bacon than actual bacon. Growing up I always thought bacon was great on hamburgers, […]

Crispy Mushroom Bacon

3 ingredients. 30 minutes. No oink. Let’s get it. These baked shiitake mushroom slices are reminiscent of the thin, crispy, bacon my Dad made as a kid. Each slice is subtly chewy, golden brown, and laden with salty juices. Use […]