No Eggs Or Ham

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Sweet & Buttery Vegan Cinnamon Breadsticks (Domino’s Cinna Stix Copycat)

  From one copycat recipe to another—we’re fulfilling our long lost childhood favorites one post at a time. A few days ago we released a recipe for Delivery Style Vegan Pizza, which mimics the soft, airy, and flavored-crust pizza of Hungry Howie’s. This week we’re tackling pizza’s sweet counterpart: cinnamon […]

Crispy Baked Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries (Plant Paradox friendly)

French fries have become one of most Americans’ favorite culinary inventions. The “French” part of the word derives from the way potatoes are cut, as a “French cut” refers to slicing something into thin strips. Aside from the fact that many of us avoid potatoes and fast food restaurants like […]