No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Crispy Goth Tortilla Chips w/ Grilled Corn Chili Guac (vegan & gf)

Happy Sunday! Sorry to interrupt your regular weekly program, but today, we’re getting our spooky party favors on! What’s vibrant green, best with a side of chips, and is typically gone within 5 minutes? Guacamole! This isn’t just the typical guacamole recipe though – anyone can mash up avocados, toss in […]

Crispy Spring Roll Chips

I can’t think of one food as universally loved as crispy, handheld, chips. Seemingly every culture has their own variation of a chip: crisps in the UK, pane carasau (cracker thin flatbread) in Italy, tortilla chips in Mexico/Central America, poori (fried Indian flatbread), potato chips in the US, roasted nori in […]