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Vegan Asian-American Recipes


How to Make Chai Tea Concentrate

If you frequent coffee shops and cafes, then chai tea is no stranger to you. Its spicy flavors, sweet cinnamon notes, and fragrant aromas make it a heart-warming drink that has Fall written all over it.  While chai tea is indeed a blend of tea you can buy in tea […]

Sugar-Free French Vanilla Creamer (vegan & Plant Paradox friendly)

I admit, I’ve started to miss coffee creamers since cutting out sugar. It’s not the sweetness  or the flavors that I miss. Rather, it’s the simplicity of adding one thing to your coffee before it’s good to go. For the past couple of months, my habit’s been to heat up […]

Sweet & Salty Coffee Smoothie

What constitutes a better breakfast than some pre-chewed mush, am I right?!? In all actuality, that pre-chewed mush works to our benefit – when a smoothie such as this is ingested, less energy is required for digestion, meaning the body can use that energy on productive things, such as writing, doing that […]

French Press Latté

Introducing: the french press latte. The perfect way to get your latte fix without an espresso maker. This coffee is: creamy, frothy, lightly sweetened, and easy/inexpensive to make. The coolest part? When quality coffee is blended with fats, such as coconut oil, our brains can make better use of the […]