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Vegan Asian-American Recipes


1-Pot Vietnamese Curry with Seared Vegan Drumsticks & Hearty Potatoes

Vietnamese curry doesn’t gain the proper hype that Thai curry does, but it’s extremely flavorful, brothier than its Thai relative, and served with bread instead of rice, which is due to France’s heavy culinary (and cultural) influence on Vietnam. For this dish, we’re keeping things as close to the OG […]

Thai Winter Squash Curry (vegan & gf)

This curry is based around one of the first curries I ever had: Thai Pumpkin Curry with Chicken. It was rich with coconut milk, tender with big chunks of pumpkin, chewy with pieces of chicken, aromatic with kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass, complex with fish sauce, and spiced with peppers […]

Palak Paneer (Indian Spinach Curry)

Hello guys! This is our second to last curry recipe of the month; meaning this is our 7th curry recipe; meaning we’ve only got one more to go! Man, September flew by. Being that we’ve gone through 6 other recipes so far, you might be wondering “when are they gonna make […]

Jamaican Jackfruit Curry with Rice & Peas

Jamaican curry is the first type of curry I’ve ever tried, which isn’t much of a surprise being that I’m from Tampa – a place that’s tightly interconnected to the Caribbean Islands. I ordered it from Jerk Hut, off of Twiggs St., where they served their curry the traditional, family […]

Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is a type of curry – seasoned with garam masala, served in a creamy, tomato coconut sauce, and comprised of one main protein (typically chicken) – that originated in the UK by chefs of Indian background. This dish highlights many cooking techniques foreign to most American cooks, such […]

Panang Curry

Before anything else… a history lesson is in order. The first recorded Panang Curry recipe was published in 1890 by Thai chef Somchin Rachanupraphan. Originally, the word panang meant “to sit cross-legged” in the Khmer language, which was also adapted into their cooking methods; they would position a whole chicken […]

Curry Month: One Month of Curry Recipes from Around the Globe

What is Curry Month? Curry Month is a stream of curry recipes that are going to span the month of September. We’ll be sharing curries that have originated in many different countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, England and more. Although, before we talk about specific types of curry, it’s important […]

Curried Butternut Squash Polenta with Brussels

The best recipes start with this thought, “what the f**k am I going to do with this?” That, my friends, is how this recipe came about when the only items that caught my attention were a butternut squash, curry powder, coconut milk, and a bag of cornmeal I got on […]