No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Cheesy Vegan Penne Alfredo w/ Crisp, Smoky Veggie Bacon

Combine alfredo, mac ’n’ cheese, and buttered pasta into one and this is what you get. Oops, don’t forget to wipe the drool off your phone screen. Here, we have al dente penne – we used white rice penne – in a thick, silky, and savory vegan cheese sauce made […]

Easy, 40-Minute Feel Good Bowl (Plant Paradox-friendly, grain-free & vegan)

Sweet miso glaze. Cinnamon roasted sweet potato spears. Garlic olive oil sautéed broccolini. Tender cauliflower rice. And crisp radish slices. Happy May! We’re excited to enter another month of No Eggs or Hamming with you guys as we’ve recently come into big news, decided to embark on more videos, and […]

Garlic Broccoli Stuffed Portobellos (45 minutes!)

It’s funny how our tastebuds evolve over time, and – in my case – how my palate resembles that of my mom’s more every day. Growing up, my mom loved mushrooms. Meanwhile, I was all like “You eat fungi? That’s gross!” Of course, I didn’t think twice about eating the […]

Orange Chick’n Tempeh

If you were a somewhat typical American child, chances are, you loved Chinese take out – and as much as I may slander the name now – Panda Express was my shit. And you can probably guess why: Orange Chicken. Was it good quality? No. Was the service good? Definitely […]