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How To Make Perfect Vegan Fried Chicken

Did you guys know Snoop Dogg is a cook? Like, one who’s mad good? “How good” you ask? Well, skilled enough to hold his own alongside Martha Stewart and even win a fried chicken battle against Alton Brown, which got me thinking “what’s this dude’s secret?” After a little digging, I […]

Crispy Vegan Wings in Hot & Buttery Buffalo Sauce

Maybe we teased you with the molasses cookies at the beginning of the month, as that may have led you on to believe that December was going to be full of cozy Holiday recipes to share with your family & friends at potlucks. But heck, why shouldn’t wings be apart […]

Lectin-Free Chili Garlic Paste (Plant-Paradox friendly)

Hopping into the world of lectin-limited eating can be intimidating, especially if your like me and have a fiery passion for spicy foods that’s hotter than habaneros themselves.  Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this dilemma: remove the seeds & skins of chilis. Pretty simple, huh? Those are the only two […]