No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Smoky Mayo Pasta Salad with Crisp Vegetables (vegan)

Usually, when we look back at old recipes, we shudder in shame at our novice skills. However, there’s one recipe we frequently return to: Smoky Pasta Salad. It’s just got that special quality that separates it from anything else we’ve tasted, not to mention that it’s simple, quick, and frickin’ PASTA. […]

Creamy Dill Sweet Potato Salad (Plant Paradox-friendly & Vegan)

Sweet potato salad is the best thing since potato salad. Wait, scratch that, sweet potato salad is the best thing since itself, because this is way better than regular potato salad. Because it tastes just like Southern potato salad, only there’s no harmful lectins, the mayonnaise is made from avocado […]

Sweet & Tangy Southern Coleslaw (Vegan & Plant Paradox-friendly)

Ahh, BBQ month is coming into full swing. And what would any tri-sectioned, styrofoam plate be without a side of coleslaw? I know barbecue is supposedly “all about the meat,” but I think that pulled pork or brisket would be nothin’ without its trusty sidekicks. Barbecue culture is near and […]