No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Roasted Chili Verde Braised Jackfruit (vegan & gluten-free)

In the same vain of Mexicali food (peep them nachos from three days ago), we present to you Jackfruit Chili Verde! It’s 100%… kind of… sorta… not really lectin-free. SORRY GUYS. In all honesty, I set out to make this a lectin-free dish but little did I know that tomatillos […]

Holy Molé Tacos with Cilantro Avocado Dressing

Holy Molé! Three cheers to healthy, flavor packed dinners that feeds up to 4 people. Family meal or leftovers for 2, anyone? Let’s hop into the creation of this recipe. When carrots are shredded and cooked, they transform into an entirely different entity; our friend couldn’t even recognize the filling […]

Portobello Summer Tacos

These tacos are a fresh & vibrant invitation into a warm Summer. I understand that some of y’all may have been experiencing warm weather for a couple months now (#jealous), but I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun just made his first guest appearance a few days ago. […]