No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


1-Pot Vietnamese Curry with Seared Vegan Drumsticks & Hearty Potatoes

Vietnamese curry doesn’t gain the proper hype that Thai curry does, but it’s extremely flavorful, brothier than its Thai relative, and served with bread instead of rice, which is due to France’s heavy culinary (and cultural) influence on Vietnam. For this dish, we’re keeping things as close to the OG […]

5-Step Cheesy Scalloped Hannah Sweet Potatoes (vegan & gf)

What’s Thanksgiving without carbs? No fun.What’s Thanksgiving without potatoes? No fun.What’s Thanksgiving without family drama? Fiction. Okay, that went down a dark road quick, but it’s true, but the rest still stands true: Thanksgiving needs carbs like chocolate needs vanilla, and we’re serving up a classic with a little twist. […]

Vegan Belgian Tripel Beer Cheese

Of all the things that people thought couldn’t be vegan AND good, I imagine beer cheese is pretty high on the list. That’s why I’m happy to report that this beer cheese is gooey, rich in beer flavor (and beer for that matter), stringy, lightly smoky, and intensely cheesy. I […]