No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


4-Step Charred Sesame Garlic Broccoli

I know what you’re thinking, “A post dedicated entirely to broccoli? Now that’s just lazy.” … You’re right. It is lazy. There’s little work involved, little prep involved, little time involved, and little ingredients involved… but it’s fucking delicious. Yeah, this dish may not be groundbreaking, it may not be the […]

Fluffy Sesame Muffins (sugar-free, grain-free, lectin-free, & vegan)

Hello October! It’s nice to feel your gentle, chilly breeze again. Along with the change of seasons comes my incessant desire to eat anything & everything sweet potato related: sweet potato pie, sweet potato soup, roasted sweet potato, mashed sweet potato – Autumn’s got me wantin’ it all. One of […]

Toasted Sesame Noodle Stir-Fry

I can’t lie, going predominately grain free – or embracing any new dietary disciplines for that matter – can be intimidating. It always seems to threaten you with the idea that you’ll never be able to eat your favorite foods again. However, I can say that after being vegan for […]