No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


Smoky Mayo Pasta Salad with Crisp Vegetables (vegan)

Usually, when we look back at old recipes, we shudder in shame at our novice skills. However, there’s one recipe we frequently return to: Smoky Pasta Salad. It’s just got that special quality that separates it from anything else we’ve tasted, not to mention that it’s simple, quick, and frickin’ PASTA. […]

Hot & Crispy Lemon Pepper Popcorn Cauliflower w/ Creamy Agave Mustard

Do you guys watch the show Atlanta? You know, the one made by Donald Glover? In the second or third episode of the first season, a couple of the main characters go to a wing spot in Atlanta, Georgia and order lemon pepper wings, but because the staff at the restaurant […]

5-Step Cheesy Scalloped Hannah Sweet Potatoes (vegan & gf)

What’s Thanksgiving without carbs? No fun.What’s Thanksgiving without potatoes? No fun.What’s Thanksgiving without family drama? Fiction. Okay, that went down a dark road quick, but it’s true, but the rest still stands true: Thanksgiving needs carbs like chocolate needs vanilla, and we’re serving up a classic with a little twist. […]