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Ingredient Insights: Daikon, Lemongrass, Garlic, and Fish Sauce

It’s Sunday, it’s early (at least, for me), I’m still feeling wine-drunk from last night, and it’s time for Ingredient Insights. As you may have noticed by now, we’re doing a month full of Viet-Chinese dishes that I’ve grown up eating, but with a modern twist, NEOH-style. Here’s where the […]

Vegan Fish Sauce & Honey Glazed Jackfruit Wings (on a stick)

In June, we gave you guys a BIG taste of the foods that I grew up with – a.k.a. barbecue barbecue barbecue. This month we’re diving into the foods that infatuated Kim’s heart as a kid – namely, all the Vietnamese dishes her Grandma made. You might be thinking, “her […]

Vegan Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is an important element in Thai curries, as it adds depth of flavor, a lot of saltiness, and that special stench of the sea. Fish sauce normally contains two ingredients, and two ingredients only: fish and salt. It’s made by fermenting generous amounts of salt and fish (typically […]