Hello friends!

We hope your holiday season is treating you like the queens & kings that you are. We’ve been ecstatic about all the support you guys have given, all the Winter recipes that can be made, and the overall Christmas cheer that seems to be filling the air this year – it feels like more than normal.

*Cue the Christmas music!*

At the end of this post you will not find a new recipe, health facts, or cooking science. Instead, we want to take a post to appreciate you guys and ask for a ‘lil something back in favor, if you have the means to give.

Kim & I started No Eggs or Ham at the beginning of this year, in which time we posted over 105 recipes, we went lectin-limited which profoundly impacted the course of our site, we gained a sponsorship from the incredible company Edward & Sons (shout out to Kaitlin!), and we’ve gone from having only our friends and family watching us to having 600 of you guys subscribe to our blog on WordPress! WOWZA. THANK YOU.

Despite the numbers, Kim and I started this to fill our weird desire to make food all the time, which is still the exact same reason we do this. Oh, and I guess my love for writing and her eye for photography play a part too. Another thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is that we still use the money from our day jobs to pay for everything on this blog. All the camera gear, props, and numerous recipe experiments are funded by the little bit of money we make outside of the blog.

As you probably know, ingredients like cassava flour & erythritol can get pricey, which isn’t too bad when making just one recipe. The dollar signs do however rack their way up the metaphorical flag poll when we have to make 4 test trials for one recipe. But, it’s worth it for us to give you a recipe that we feel is worthy to make in your home.

“What’s your dang point?!”

Oh right, there’s a point I’m trying to come to and it’s that if you enjoy what we do and feel like giving back, we’re asking that you donate any amount of money you’d like via PayPal. Even as little as 25 cents would be greatly appreciated!

There’s a PayPal donation link at the bottom of this page where you can choose the amount you’d like to donate.

Every ‘lil bit helps, but we totally feel if you don’t feel like contributing – I admit that I scroll past that donation request from Wikipedia every time I see it – but here I am asking the same from you. Any money that you send will be used resourcefully to go towards the advancement of our blog. That is will be used to create prettier sets, purchase more ingredients, and run more test trials to create even better baked goods that no-one knew could be made sugar-free, vegan, and lectin-limited.

Alas, it’s Kim and I’s delight to continue serving up new recipes to you in 2018 and as far as the eye can see. For free, always.

Thank you for following No Eggs or Ham – as a rockstar would say before he leaves the stage, “We do this for you.”

Ryan & Kim

Click here to send a PayPal Donation

And no, you don’t need a PayPal account to donate.
Thank you guys a million!



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