No Eggs Or Ham

Vegan Asian-American Recipes


How To Make Perfect Vegan Fried Chicken

Did you guys know Snoop Dogg is a cook? Like, one who’s mad good? “How good” you ask? Well, skilled enough to hold his own alongside Martha Stewart and even win a fried chicken battle against Alton Brown, which got […]

BBQ Tempeh Ribs (Vegan & Plant Paradox-friendly)

Today we’re bringing in the game changer. The type of food that makes you say “fuck meat, I got this shit!” This tempeh is smoky, full of deep savory flavor, crusty on the outside, tender on the outside, and – […]

BBQ Jackfruit

Barbecue jackfruit – when it’s done right, it really is keen to “vegan pulled pork.” However, more often than not, jackfruit dishes come out mushy and lacking in sustenance. It takes on flavors beautifully, but because it’s almost impossible to […]

Asian Barbecue Sweet Potato Boats

I have a thing for sweet potatoes. Can you tell? How can I resist? Sweet potatoes form the perfect basis for my diet, as they’re tasty, easy to cook, cheap, and really good for the body. Like, really good! Tubers […]

BBQ Eggplant Wraps w/ Brussel Sprout Slaw

“Recipe raps, straight bringin’ facts to the food game full of traps. If you ready to make an impact, go ahead and roll up… one of these wraps.” OOOOOOOOOOH *the club goes wild* No funkin’ around, these wraps are seriously […]

Super Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

Stop buyin this shit for $5 a bottle and start making it yourself. Don’t be lazy. This barbecue sauce is simple, finger lickin’ good, and darn cheaper than its store bought cousins. No matter if you have all or two […]

BBQ Spice Mix

For the quantity of barbecue dishes I make, I realized I should make it easier on myself than breaking out 7 different spices every time I want to rub some goodness on something and just have an all-purpose bbq seasoning […]