Change of Direction

We want to let you in on the thoughts that’ve been running through our heads the past few weeks. 

But first, a show of appreciation is in order. For a little over a year, No Eggs or Ham has been predominately focused on lectin-free cuisine, in which time this niche food scene has gone from an ant hill to a freaking mountain. At first, we thought we were taking a real risk by cooking lectin-free fare, but it actually turned out to be our namesake. During this time, we’ve taken our culinary, photography, and attitude game from 10 to 50; we’ve learned more about culinary arts through lectin-free cooking than we have in our whole lives. That’s largely due to the fact that we’ve never been ones to compromise table-side experience for health, meaning we want to create the best meal possible regardless of what it’s made of.

Alas, in the past couple of months, what once excited us has turned into a comfort zone that we can’t break out of. To put it plainly, we no longer feel inspired to create strictly within the lectin-free realm. We have grand ideas, exquisite flavors in mind, and know we can make an impact on the culinary scene at large, but to get there we have to open ourselves up to new ingredients, which are the building blocks of any dish. That may not be a surprise to many of you, as we’ve recently been featuring more recipes that step outside lectin-free constraints, but we’ve always kept it close to the borders of “Plant Paradox Friendly.”

In coming months, our new recipes may not always be fast, simple, or healthy – instead, their focus will be on the feng shui of flavors, techniques, textures, and soul of food. They’re for people who find pleasure in adventure and curiosity, which are two elements that inspired me to start cooking as a kid. Getting in the kitchen to make a mess trying to replicate Alton Brown’s recipes was a creative escape from the real world of homework, bullies, and waking up at 7am. For me, cooking is about the love of experimentation, not about time restraints, small clean up, or even eating healthy.

No doubt, we’ll still have recipes that fall under the “lectin-free” category because we’ve been cooking in this fashion for so long, but we’re no longer going to cater our foods specifically for this diet. We understand if this is a turn-off from our blog, given that many of you follow us because we specialize in that specific dietary niche, so no hard feelings if you decide not to keep up with us anymore; it’s us, not you.

If you do decide to keep up with us, you can expect content that crosses the border of “vegan food” to “food that just so happens to be vegan,” as that’s always been our favorite way of looking at things. Without people to share with, art has little meaning, so without you there’s no purpose for our work. That being said, we’re ecstatic to share dishes that are closer to our hearts with you.

See you on the new frontier!