I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2018 has been one heck of a rollercoaster, filled with the highest of ups and lowest of downs. You know what else it was filled with? Delicious vegan recipes. I mean, not to brag or anything, but we’ve shared 122 recipes this year alone and have received the greatest feedback & support from the No Eggs or Ham community, even during our mid-year transitioning period when we decided to switch from being a strictly lectin-limited blog to an all-vegan-fun-for-foodies-and-cooks-who-enjoy-the-art-of-cooking blog. We appreciate ya for stickin’ around!

Due to your endless support, we thank you for an amazing 2018 and are super excited to continue to share more comforting and tastebud tingling recipes with you in 2019! Alright, alright, I’ll stop blabbering now and give ya what ya came here for ;)


DISCLAIMER: Every recipe is to be treated equally, therefore they are not listed below in any certain order. I mean, how can you rank a sweet drink over a savory entree or vice-versa???


World’s Best Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls: Soft, gooey, sweet, warm cinnamon roll perfection. We even created a short video for this recipe!


Vegan Chick-Fil-A Sandwich: Crunchy fried “chicken”, soft butter-toasted buns, sweet & tangy pickles, crisp iceberg lettuce, and creamy, smoky sweet mustard sauce. The most realistic vegan take on Chick-fil-A’s original sandwich.


Shiitake-Miso Broth Soy Milk Ramen: Shiitake-seaweed dashi comprises the base of this rich and full-bodied broth seasoned with red miso. Served with tender & chewy wheat noodles and a plethora of complimentary toppings.


Savory Garlic-Cheese Pastry Rolls: Buttery & flaky puff pastry rolled up with melty provolone, sharp parmesan, and bold garlic.


Plant Paradox-Friendly Sesame Chick’n: Tender tempeh battered and fried in coconut oil until crispy, and tossed with thick, sweet & savory sesame sauce.


Toasted Rice Horchata With Salted Caramel Drizzle & Coconut Charcoal Whipped Cream: Sweet & creamy rice milk, rich with cinnamon, is complimented by a complex caramel drizzle. Topped off with black whipped cream for October’s spooky spirit.


Savory Oyster Mushroom Banh Mi: Soft French baguette packed with fresh cucumbers, aromatic cilantro, tangy pickled carrots & daikon, and meaty oyster mushrooms.


Vegan Cookies & Cream Ube Cheesecake: Sweet, rich, and perfectly tangy filling atop crispy cookies & creme crust.


Chinese BBQ Jackfruit Fresh Spring Rolls: Sweet & umami-rich charred jackfruit with tender vermicelli, tart pickled carrots & daikon, crisp lettuce, and aromatic cilantro wrapped in chewy spring roll papers.


Perfect Vegan French Toast with Butter Rosemary Sautéed Pear & Orange Cream Cheese Whip: Toasted brown & buttery on the outside, tender & moist on the inside, laced with vanilla, and subtly spiced with nutmeg.

Whew! Picking out ONLY 10 of the best recipes was hard. I wish you the happiest new year; may you achieve your goals and leave behind nothing but a trail of sparkles! Let us know what your favorite recipe(s) is/are from this year in the comments below!

And be sure to stay hydrated if you’re celebrating on NYE!
– Kimberly


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